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Ten below at Cam Loch

Winter Panoramics

January 2010, and Scotland's longest period of sub-zero temperatures for fifty years continues. The landscape around Elphin experienced some of the lowest temperatures, leading to the freezing of Cam Loch. The sunrise strikes Cul Mor and Cul Beag, as the light blue sky reflects gently on the snow.

Date: 10 January 2010 0945
Location : Cam Loch, by Elphin, Sutherland
Nikon D300 Nikkor lens 29mm 1/13s f22 ISO200
Image reference p69

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Unmounted print supplied in wide-bore roll tube - sizes:
28"x8.5" and other sizes in approx 3:1 format ratio

Other finishes available, including canvas, acrylic, aluminium, foamboard. Please enquire.


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