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Christmas Creel Tree 2020/21
Back Ullapool 

Ullapool's unique Christmas Tree made of fishing creels, topped off with a shining crab, standing for another year towards the end of West Shore Street. Photographed (above) in the dawn twilight after a fresh fall of snow, and (below) in the darkness of early morning before dawn. Unusually, the tree remained in place beyond the traditional Twelth Night date for removal of Xmas decorations, due to pandemic lockdown restrictions.

Date: 08 January 2021
Location : Ullapool, Wester Ross
Above: Canon EOS 5DS, Canon 16-35mm @ 35mm 1.6s f14 ISO 400
Below: Canon EOS 5DS, Canon 16-35mm @ 29mm 15s f14 ISO 100
Image reference : u191 (above), u192 (below) © Angus Bruce, Ullapool.

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