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Hirta : Storage "cleits"
Back St Kilda

Storage cleits on the hillside behind The Village. St. Kilda is 40 miles west of the Hebrides, the last land in the Atlantic before America. The largest island in the St. Kilda group is Hirta, which was occupied for thousands of years until it was evacuated in 1930. The islanders survived largely on seabirds and their eggs, which they kept in dry-stone storage cleits, of which there are some 1400 scattered around the island.

Date: 07 August 2013
Location : Hirta, St. Kilda
Canon EOS 5D MkII, Voigtlander 20mm lens,  1/30s f16 ISO 50
Image reference : StK05 © Angus Bruce, Ullapool

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